Is EQ the new IQ?

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intelligence, emotional, intellectual, smart, new iq,EQ or emotional intelligence has seen a rise in popularity over the past 15 years with many online articles still mentioning the ever increasing importance of EQ in the workplace and how it may even be more important than IQ in today’s world. We decided to dive deeper into the subject and find an answer to the question: Is EQ the new IQ?

So first of all, EQ is basically your ability to perceive and understand and manage emotions and feelings. In other words, it’s how intelligent you are about not only your feelings but also the feelings of those around you.

If you pause to reflect, it’s not a surprise that employers would favor an emotionally mature individual. In fact, even the word mature, and how we think of it, is a reflection emotional intelligence. In fact, our entire lives both inside and out of our work, revolve around a constant struggle to control, interpret, or understand feelings. In order to make informed decisions connect with others, and turn thoughts into accomplishments EQ is vital.

We need emotional intelligence to turn intention into action, in order to make informed decisions about the things that matter most to us, and to connect to others in productive and nurturing ways.

Emotional Intelligence was a term coined by Peter Salovey and John Mayer in an article published in 1990. In its opening lines the duo asks if the world itself is in fact a contradiction and reminds us that emotions have long been viewed as interrupts of mental activity.

Reasons why EQ is more important than IQ

It’s more difficult to teach emotional intelligence.

Logic games and other similar exercises can increase IQ a few points in a relatively short period of time. EQ on the other hand is harder to nurture and increase. There’s actually sufficient evidence that emotional intelligence increases with age. The good news is that emotional intelligence is a completely learned skill; no one is born with it and therefore we all start on an even EQ playing field. That is of course until your parents get a hold of you.

Emotions run high in business

PEOPLE AND INTERACTING WITH THEM AT DIFFERING LEVELS of emotional states is crucial to running and operating a business. No matter what type of a job that someone has it will ultimately require interaction with people. Individuals who have Emotional Intelligence tend to have a high degree of self-control, and people skills making them a highly sought after commodity among employers. When running a business of many team members, it is absolutely crucial that everyone be a “team player” and individuals with high EQ typically come with a higher degree of self-control, allowing them to sift through their feelings instead of unleashing a flood of emotions when they arise. It certainly sounds like the person I want with me on a tough sales call or heated board room debate.

It’s not a big surprise that more and more companies are administering emotional intelligence tests to prospective employees these days. According to the Institute for Health and Human Potential, EQ counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined in determining who will be a star performer”. This makes sense in the business world, as negotiations and leadership require the ability to read the other’s emotional signs and nonverbal cues in an effort to influence them.

Personal problems in a relationship caused by low EQ can spill over to other areas of life including work and family.

Empathy is another core attribute of emotional intelligence, and as one would have it quite important in personal relationships, especially one’s relationship with a spouse. Since females are perceived to have a higher level of emotional intelligence overall, a male’s EQ can be termed one of, if not, the most important part factor in a successful relationship. Gender aside, it could naturally be assumed that love and affection are necessary in order for intimate relationships to evolve. In the absence of these traits, relationships will inevitably deteriorate and problems will most likely occur. Anyone who’s ever been evolved in turmoil at home can vouch for the fact that it makes concentrating at work or thoroughly enjoying time with friend difficult.

Self-confidence anyone?

Woman fall in love with it, Men admire and respect it, and everyone feels better about themselves around one who is healthily self-confident. What’s not to like? Well self-confidence might as well be a synonym for emotional intelligence as the two go hand-in-hand.

Additional Reading on Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman is THE modern day authority on Emotional Intelligence; Go on Google him: he’s similar to The Godfather of EQ. If you’re interested in continuing to learn more about EQ, including how you can increase your own, I’d suggest you pick up on of his many works on the subject such as Emotional Intelligence or Working with Emotional Intelligence.









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