Five Steps to a Higher IQ Today

How you can get a higher IQ now

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There are five steps you can take today for a higher IQ. We all would like to boast a high IQ. Whether we realize it or not, it would make us feel better. It would increase our employment opportunities and our appeal to others. But face it, haven’t you considered it and figured it was genetic? There is a school of thought that says there are methods of increasing your IQ and that your intellegence isn’t entirely genetic.

Some believe IQ is, at least in part, determined by your social-economic status. The basic premise being, in more affluent cultures, education is valued more highly. With a higher value placed in education, educators are more qualified and better compensated. Furthermore, wealthier cultures tend to have extra time and resources to focus on increasing their IQ.

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Still, there are other ways to improve your Intelligence Quotient. One way to improve IQ is by getting enough sleep. Yes, there is a mindset that sleeping wastes productivity but, missing sleep can also harm your IQ. A study found on the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) website indicates an increased IQ among teens who slept later on weekends compared to weekdays.  There are also those who believe waking early is a good habit for success, or in the words of Claire Diaz-Ortiz: “Morning people do better in life“. That should also go along with going to sleep early.

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With any skill, you do not get better without constant practice. Your brain works in a similar way. You have to nourish it to improve functionality. If you always seek to learn a new skill, your brain will increase your learning capacity. So go out today and learn to play a musical instrument, your brain will thank you.

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Along with learning comes observing. One might lump a group of workers into a category of not being too bright because their skill set seems simple. Take, for instance, truck drivers. Their job, on the surface, requires holding a steering wheel. The fact is, there is so much more to what a truck driver does. They have to be observant constantly in order to remain safe on the highway.

Being observant will help you in seeing the larger picture. It will also help you to connect the micro-aspects of what you see with the macro. It will improve your critical thinking and also you IQ.

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Increased blood flow helps all parts of the body. Regular exercise increases blood flow. Put the two together and the result is a higher IQ. Exercise not only makes you sweat out impurities, but also, increased blood flow improves brain function. It’s a no-brainer.

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You’ve heard the phrase “quality by association” but have you heard “smart by association?” If you want to improve your IQ, ditch your dumb friends and find new ones with higher IQ. When you socialize with people you will discuss more intense, intellectually challenging topics. Going back to learning, the more complex or intellectual the topic, the more you will improve brain function.

Armed with these new tools, you should easily be able to increase your IQ by several points. The belief is, the more you feed the brain, the higher the IQ will soar. So get some sleep, make some new friends, exercise, and learn something, starting today. Never stop growing your own potential.

There are countless other ways to improve IQ. Some are to purchase books, play certain games, educational television, and the list goes on. You will find the methods listed here are easy, free, and can be started today.

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