Steps to Improve Your Intelligence and Enhance Your Brain (Part 2)

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Inside each of us is the ability to be smarter. We all share the ability to learn and the capacity to increase the power of our brains. Technically, the brain is not a muscle, but like a muscle, it can be improved with exercise. With this thought in mind, the following steps can give your brain a great workout. Take steps to improve your intelligence and enhance your intelligence today.

  1. Game playing causes you to use your brain. It may increase memory function and cognitive functions. Games cause you to use parts of the brain you may not ordinarily use. This doesn’t mean just any games though: Some games are completely mindless while other challenge your ability to reason and use critical thinking. Dual-n-back tests are a great source of brain exercise.
  2. Run, run, and run some more. Well, okay if running isn’t your thing that’s fine. The idea is to do some sort of cardio-vascular workout on a regular basis. Cardio workouts cause blood to rush to the head opening vessels and providing oxygen. It’s like food for the brain.
  3. Do a daily crossword or Sudoku for a healthier brain. Your brain thrives on challenges. Sudoku and crosswords can be a healthy source of those challenges. Puzzles require critical thinking and reasoning, they also require use of the fingers. Using hand and eye coordination improves your ability to focus which leads to improved IQ.
  4. Start taking music lessons. While all your life you thought of those band kids as nerds, they were setting themselves up to have higher IQ’s. It turns out, playing an instrument can increase your mathematical ability and dimensional reasoning. Spatial or dimensional reasoning helps you understand what an object might look like from a different angle. Most of us use spatial reasoning regularly but in can always be improved. Your brain has the ability to do amazing things, almost like seeing around a corner.
  5. Take supplemental vitamins and minerals. Fish oil is a good one to start with; it may also improve heart health. Fish oil helps improve cognitive function in your brain. Cognitive function covers a vast area of abilities such as reasoning, learning, and memory.

You are never to old or too young to begin improving your intelligence. Why not start today? There is always some benefits from taking even one small step toward improvement. You will thank yourself as, sometime in the future, you realize how your IQ was improved today. Maybe it will come in the form of a better job or maybe I will help with simply interacting with family. One way or another, you will benefit.

Come back next time for another “Steps to Improve your Intelligence and Enhance your Brain” Installment. . .

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