Top Five Must Eat Brain Foods

What should you really be eating?

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These brain foods are a must in every diet. Often, we don’t think of food in terms of intelligence or a source of brain power. You may not realize it but the food you eat is indeed a huge booster of intelligence. Start becoming more intelligent today by adding these five must eat brain foods to your diet.

When it comes to man’s intelligence, there are ways to stimulate and exercise the brain. For ages men have sought ways to increase their IQ whether by physiological means, diet , exercise, external methods. Now we know better and we know what foods are best to increase intelligence.

  1. Avocados   Classified as a fruit, this creamy, soft textured food is delicious on it’s own or when blended into your favorite recipes, like omelets. Avocados have healthy fats (mono-saturated) which helps maintain healthy blood sugar. They also contain a lot of vitamin K and folate which contribute to the prevention of blood clots in the brain. This improves memory and concentration which help increase knowledge.
  2. Oily Fish (Sardines, Salmon)  When it comes to oils, Omega 3s are essential to great brain function. Healthy levels of essential fatty acids helps to increase a chemical called Serotonin which is known to help cope with stress.
  3. Blueberries   These little puppies are like the super foods of brain foods. They not only compliment other foods but can be enjoyed on their own. Blueberries are shown in lab tests to help older rats regain motor skills and learning capacity lost with age. Next time you walk through a produce section in your local grocery, grab a box of blueberries.
  4. Beans   The less than popular power food, beans mean a lot to the brain. While mainstream seems to have mostly forgotten beans or set them aside as less than sexy, beans pack a powerful punch. Beans help promote healthy blood sugar which fuels the brain. As an added bonus, beans are a good source of protein.
  5. Eggs   You have surely learned over the last several years that eggs contain cholesterol and are bad for you. It turns out the amount of bad cholesterol in eggs is minimal. As a matter of fact, egg yolks may contribute to increased levels of good cholesterol. The benefits derived from eggs far outweigh the small amount of potential harm caused by cholesterol. Eggs The choline in egg yolks helps with brain development in fetuses. So you may want to reconsider that personal ban on eggs and ditch the egg-whites only breakfast.

Don’t wait to add these super brain foods to your daily diet. Start today looking for creative ways to enjoy them and let your brain reap the rewards. become a more intelligent you.

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